IRIS - Intelligent Robotic Integrated Systems

Hethi is a Chennai-based company that uses deep tech to transform the Business Process Automation Industry by focussing on Robotic Process Automation. With over two years of intensive research and development, the company launched iris (Intelligent Robotic Integrated Systems), an intelligent Business Process Automation platform which was powered by cognitive AI. It is a digital enterprise platform with Orchestration, Integrated Process Definition and Automated execution. It is an elastic digital platform that digitally empowers customers to automate, standardise with compliance scalable to any business process across any industry. Some of its differentiators include coexistence of robots and human agents to produce desired outcome services to Any ERP / CRM saving Opex with improved quality, eliminating OCR with” Cognitive AI Vision” (Patent filed) with increased 95% + accuracy compared to 40 to 50% accuracy on OCR with intelligent character recognition. iris digitally empowers business with agility and responsiveness by leveraging on-cloud or on-premise factory of business process automation solutions.


Duration project: 2 Years

Client: Hethi

Java , Spring , Maven , HTML5 , Bootstrap , Javascript ,

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